4 Precautions to Follow in Eco-Cleaning Homes and Offices with Vinegar


4 Precautions to Follow in Eco-Cleaning Homes and Offices with Vinegar

4 Precautions to Follow in Eco-Cleaning Homes and Offices with Vinegar

Home-made cleaning solutions are no less effective than those commercially manufactured chemicals, in ensuring cleanliness around homes and offices. In this age and time, when eco-friendliness is gaining a larger importance every day, it is obvious that homemade cleaning solutions are unquestionably popular among both customers and professionals involved in the service. This global trend is also reflected in the increasing demand for environment-friendly cleaning services in Dubai.

Most of us are unaware that, some of the regular elements found on the kitchen shelves can not only facilitate a thorough cleaning but also a sparkle around any building. However, as experts providing one of the best maid services in Dubai point out, some of these domestic cleaning items have to be used with caution to avoid any unwanted side-effect. For eaxmple, vineger – which itself is an excellent cleaning agent – should never be added to any other agent or bleach. This is because, this combination leads to production of a poisonous gas.

Read on to know more about the precautions involving vinegar as a cleansing agent.

  • Never use vinegar to clean marble and granite: Vinegar possesses some acidic property and is not ideal for any kind of stone, including granites and marbles. In fact, you shouldn’t even use lemon or ammonia to clean any stone surface. The acid present in these substances will wear out the stone. Add detergent to lukewarm water and use this solution to clean granite, marble and any other stone surface. If you want to scrub the surface, use old woollen clothes for the purpose.
  • Avoid vinegar for cleaning iron and aluminum items: Experts from a renowned eco cleaning service in Dubai suggest to avoid vinegar to clean any aluminum or iron item. In fact, you should avoid applying it to any metal object. Due to the acidic property, vinegar readily reacts with metals and corrodes them. However, stainless steel and enamelled iron objects are completely safe to clean with vinegar solution.
  • All types of vineger is not for laundry purposes: You must have heard, vinegar is an excellent product, which is found on kitchen shelves, to remove stink from clothes. This is half-truth and you have to implement caution while following this suggestion. It is the white distilled variety of the liquid which is ideal for laundry purpose. If you apply apple vinegar to your clothes for cleaning, it will only make them dirty, making your task harder.
  • Vinegar affects the shine of wooden furniture: Cleaning professionals, who provide 24 hour maid service in Dubai say, vinegar solution should not be used to clean wooden furniture or wooden frames of doors and windows. It decomposes the wax polishing on the wooden surface, making them appear matte and dull.

Follow these tips while using vinegar as a cleaning agent at both homes and offices.




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