Ease up your anxiety of cleaning


Ease up your anxiety of cleaning

Ease up your anxiety of cleaning

We understand that cleaning a new household space can be stressful. So, ease up your anxiety and lower down your stress level, we have come up with a list of things that you need to do before moving into your new home.

Before Move in Cleaning Checklist:

  • Hose down the porch and patio
  • Switch on the sprinklers to give the backyard a little spruce up
  • Vacuum and steam clean the carpets
  • Scrub away all the stains that you might come across
  • Wipe down the kitchen counter tops
  • Disinfect the toilet and bathtubs
  • Clean the sinks
  • Check air conditioning vents
  • Clean and disinfect the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean the oven and microwave
  • Open the windows to allow fresh air in
Once you have cleaned the basics, you can start moving in your stuff. The detailed cleaning can only start once you have organized your new space a little. Don’t rush with the detailed cleaning. Take it one room at a time or even one corner/nook at a time. Once you pick a room for the day, visualize on how you plan to organize and decorate it and go from there.

After Move in Cleaning Checklist:

  • Start from the top – Start cleaning each room by going from top-down. If you clean the ceiling fan and corners after you clean the floors, you’ll end up cleaning the floors twice because of all the dust and dirt that will fall from above. So, start by cleaning the ceiling fans, corners, air vents, chandeliers and crown moldings. While you are at it, run a soft brush across the ceiling to catch any cobwebs that might have established during your absence. After the ceiling, move on to cleaning the walls, the window ledges, window screens, the blinds and finally the floors.
  • Work toward the door – Start cleaning the space farthest away from the doors and working gradually towards them. This is an important strategy to keep in mind, unless you want to clean your floors twice.
  • Deep clean the closets – Once you fill your closets with the endless stretches of your clothes, accessories and other stuff, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever take them all out just to clean the closet shelves and corners. So, deep clean the closet’s corners, lining shelves, and hanging rods. It’s always better to clean it all once than wondering later if something dirty was in there.
  • Clean the appliances – Clean the dishwasher by running a couple of empty cycles on hot water. Remove all the shelves of the fridge and give it a nice scrub with an all-purpose cleaner. Also, make sure to de-grease the oven before using it for cooking.
  • Replace the toilet seat – A toilet seat is probably the dirtiest seat in your entire house, and you end up sitting a lot on it. So, make sure to change the toilet seat once you move into your new home. Give your toilet a fresh start.




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